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HERA Premium Breast Form

Named after the Queen of the Gods, Hera breast forms stand out as the epitome of realism and natural appearance among breast forms globally. Handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail by skilled artisans, these silicone breasts from the Divine Collection offer an unprecedented level of innovation and lifelike qualities. Specifically tailored to meet the needs of crossdressers, transgender women living full-time, and individuals seeking a fuller bust, these exceptionally soft and responsive breast forms accommodate a diverse range of body types. Whether one has a flat chest wall, naturally developed breast tissue, or falls anywhere in between, Hera breast forms provide a unique design solution.


Our bestseller. The remarkably realistic silicone skin of these breast forms offers an unmatched tactile sensation, boasting convincingly lifelike nipples and areolae. Engineered for wear with non-pocketed bras, Aphrodite breast forms adhere seamlessly to the skin, boasting tapered edges that seamlessly integrate with the body for safe and comfortable sleep. Moreover, their makeup-friendly design simplifies skin tone matching. Remarkably, these are the only silicone breast forms suitable for continuous wear of 24 hours or longer, crafted from platinum-cured silicone to guarantee exceptional quality.

ATHENA Breast Plate

You'll adore this top-notch breast form for its exceptional quality. Its self-adhesive backing offers a natural feel when worn without a bra or with a non-pocketed one. The exclusive 'no-membrane' skin design guarantees rupture-proof Divine Collection breasts, making them the sole silicone breast forms safe for nighttime wear. They gently warm to your body, providing the most realistic experience possible.

NIKKI Buttock Enhancer

Revamp your silhouette with our Nikki hip and buttock enhancers from the Divine Collection, engineered to sculpt shapely hips and a voluptuous derrière. These exceptional and genuine enhancers are intricately handcrafted by skilled artisans, tailored exclusively for you. Fashioned from soft and lifelike silicone, these pads can augment your hip measurement by up to 10 cm, adhering seamlessly for the utmost natural appearance. For an even more dramatic transformation, contemplate complementing our Nikki buttock enhancers with our widely acclaimed Jolie thigh enhancers!

JOLIE Hip Enhancer

Achieve instantly fuller thighs and the appearance of curvier hips with Jolie self-adhesive thigh enhancers from the Divine Collection. These exceptional and realistic pads are meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans, tailored exclusively for your enhancement. Made from soft and pliable silicone, these pads can increase your hip measurement by up to 20 cm, meticulously designed for the most genuine look. For an even more impressive makeover, contemplate combining our Jolie hip and thigh enhancers with our top-selling Nikki buttock enhancers! Offered in three skin tones for your preference.

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About Us

Since 1993, The Breast Form Store has been committed to serving the transgender, cross-dressing, and gender expressive communities exclusively.

We have been assisting individuals within the transgender and cross-dressing communities in selecting the ideal breast forms and related products tailored to their needs. Our success is attributed to our unwavering commitment to fairness, honesty, discretion, and utmost respect for your privacy. Since 1993, we have earned the trust of the transgender and cross-dressing communities.

This website and its online store are operated by MALTNIC GMBH, located in Berlin, Germany. MALTNIC GMBH is the European franchise partner of The Breast Form Store.

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